To Founder or to Flourish.

A friend said, ‘I’m in favour of human flourishing.’ That made me think, ‘Aren’t most of us? Are there really some people who want to see others fail? There is much that makes me think there are.

There is a segment of our society that stridently oppose development, the green environmental activists. They insist things are getting worse, that The Environment is really in trouble and the cause is us, …humanity.

Boy, are things bad, yawn, …the response from the disconnected connected generation …but our political leaders are listening. They are happy to take control of our energy supply and see that we move into an energy impoverished world. Can that possibly lead to human flourishing? And are we at all concerned?

Have we lost the ability to feel threatened when our governments claim that the very actions we take to support our lives is endangering the earth? Are we so ill-educated that we’ve forgotten we must use nature to support our lives? Or have we’ve simply learned to take nothing a politician says seriously?

Can we not see that access to inexpensive low-cost energy is root of human flourishing?

A society flourishes when it has easy access to affordable health care, education, cars, planes and trains, food, vacation time, in other words, a time of plenty. A society founders when things become scarce, when all cost, all prices are driven up needlessly.

Work, the jobs of producing things, is disappearing, buried under a smothering blanket of green regulation. It takes years and stifling cost to get anything done today. Are we willing to fight …to meet the green curse with full force? Are we ready to fight to take back our stolen right, the right to life ….of using the earth to support our lives? Or is public apathy just too deeply embedded?

We are not going toward a better future. Yet is it possible to find anyone in politics today brave enough to fight the trend leading to human foundering? Have we all become so afraid of being unpopular that we now avoid saying what’s right?

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