More Circular File Fodder

A letter to the editor that I don’t really expect to see published

The Editor:

Now, after three years, can we find a clear picture of Covid 19? Of the number of fatalities, the actual infection rate, and the true number of survivors? Also, two years after the implementation of Covid vaccines can we find clarity on the effectiveness, side effects, and justification for imposing vaccine mandates?

Is it possible to find reliability in the information we get from politicians, medical bureaucracies or from legacy media sources?

While my health and the health of many people in my social circle have not been adversely affected by any coronavirus, it has been monumentally affected by researchers, regulators, and reporters dedicated to providing Covid information.

My three years of riding the sidelines of Covid time have taught me one thing: the contradictory dictates from leadership have completely destroyed any trust I had for the institutions that regulate as well as those that inform. Lying to the public appears to be the one thing they do with any constancy.

The sordid state of Canada’s political norm became graphically obvious when Mr Trudeau lied under oath when testifying before the Public Order Emergency Commission. The internet abounds with examples of his public smears of truckers, unvaccinated Canadians and virtually anyone that criticizes the government’s Covid policy. Not a member of the Liberal party, no legal scholars, nor any of the bought-and-paid-for legacy media, has called him out for doing so. The silence is devastating and typical … of a nation that has forfeited its moral compass.

From Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
“We know they are lying.
They know they are lying,
they know that we know they are lying.
We know they know that we know they are lying.
And they still continue to lie.”

This is where we are.

I don’t like it.

Well wishes, Garret Seinen,

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