Hope vs Despair.

Over the past two years, I’ve experienced a range of emotions when dealing with both politicians and legacy media. I’ve gone from anger to frustration, to finally disappointment when attempting to discuss our government’s Covid 19 protocol.

Interestingly, a blaring truck has broken through my cynicism and, in actual fact, led to hope.

When a discussion is allowed there is hope.

When censorship prevails there is despair.

Only freedom can wash away misinformation and propaganda.

And so, it seems appropriate to ask, “Are we living in the middle of a grand conspiracy? Are we today, subject to manipulation from our government? Is the entire world under a Mass Formation Psychosis spell as claimed by Mattias Desmet of Ghent University in Belgium? Or have I, as well as the people that oppose what is happening, been sucked into a grand conspiracy ourselves and the world’s governments are all on the side of honour and honesty? That they are acting wisely for our safety?

Both sides of this picture look crazy to me and I’m in the middle of it.

I’ve been told by my government, the traditional news sources and even my doctor, that everything on the internet that challenges their viewpoint emits from a fringe group of malcontent, conspiracy nuts.

The problem is, over the course of the past two years honesty and openness are characteristics that I find in short supply while overwhelmingly the purveying of fear is the standard I see from my government.

And I see people living in fear.

I see no attempts to reason with the public. Arbitrary edicts must be accepted and adhered to. Ignoring dictatorial and nonsensible mandates brings law enforcers. I see police arresting people for not wearing a leaky, surgical facemask, even outdoors. I see an outspoken minister in Alberta arrested again and again for violating Covid protocol, of speaking openly to parishioners.

Daily the news about Covid 19 lethality continuously brings fear-generating statistics on mortality and capacity-overwhelmed hospitals.

And, criticism is not tolerated. My letters to politicians go unanswered and remain unpublished in the local newspaper. Dissent is stifled across social media.

And what of so-called opposition members of our parliaments? Debate is missing in parliaments around the world.

The ‘fringe groups’, yes, plural, as there is a multitude of voices speaking from the few uncensored platforms. Brave doctors, their medical licences threatened, openly claim the people in control are not acting as they would if they were genuinely concerned with life-saving in the medical treatment of Covid 19. Their entire focus has been to push a marginally effective, experimental vaccine, that does in fact, transfer a fortune to the pharmaceutical industry. Thousands of doctors are in these fringe groups. Most claim the establishment is either inept or deceitfully lying.

Something is amiss. Drugs and therapies the fringe voices claim to be beneficial are not allowed. These are not to be dispensed or used in the hospitals. The establishment still restricts which early treatment may be administered and very few that are advocated by the fringe doctors.

The economic shutdown has persisted for two years and showed no sign of ending despite many reports showing the resulting destruction of lives … until the truckers drove to Ottawa and honked their horns.

Here I’ll not burden you further with my viewpoint on Covid protocol and instead, end by saying, “Listen to the horns. May the sound do wonders for your soul as well.”

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