Water Exports

Over the last however any years, British Columbia has been debating water exports with any number of people who applied for permits to fill tankers and send then off to a thirsty world. Most of these proposals involve parking the tanker near an ocean terminating river, hooking up a pipe to the supply and driving […]

Financial Repair

The Prime Minister, The Honorable Stephen Harper: Please consider this, my voice as to what I consider to be appropriate actions for my government to take, actions to constructively address the current financial instability. I support a free market solution to the problem. I hold the viewpoint that the country is far better off with […]

Free Markets

I was having a thought the other day and concluded that a person who believes in free markets as a solution to economic problems, will inevitably develop a positive outlook on life. An integrated view of how a free market works means that one makes the fundamental assumption that each individual has a better idea […]