Free Markets

I was having a thought the other day and concluded that a person who believes in free markets as a solution to economic problems, will inevitably develop a positive outlook on life.

An integrated view of how a free market works means that one makes the fundamental assumption that each individual has a better idea of what they want than some central controlling body. Now if an individual can have control of their own actions but are denied the ability to control the actions of someone else, we’re going to see a different world. Things never get better when everyone is focused on what someone else wants and with each person’s limited knowledge of what is best for the other guy, forces the other guy to accept their standard.

On the other hand, the people who what to fine tune our society can only wind up frustrated. Its never possible to find a leader who give exactly what some meddler thinks is the right amount or form of meddle. Even when the so-called right amount of meddling is proposed the victim often squirts out from under the dominating thumb and doesn’t do what they were supposed to do. So the controller usually draw the conclusion that the leaders are corrupt, that his fellow man is ungrateful or that the world just isn’t fair.

In the end, a believer in free market realizes that economic problems tend to disappear when the intervention is reduced while the controllers remain forever frustrated as nothing ever seems to work the way they believe it should.

The free marketer’s biggest problem remains cutting through all the bs and selling capitalism.

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