Covidism – The New Social System.

The last two years have been an object lesson in the creation of a totalitarian system. I have seen firstly, governments discarding and then violating both reason and tradition. Our rulers have gleefully overturned the very foundation of liberal, limited democratic rule.

And the response? The majority of citizens applauded.

Three things, at covidism’s inception, the very first responses from governments around the world, show the soft start of totalitarianism.

Firstly the lockdown of the healthy, not the infected, has never before been advocated for disease control. Secondly, full seizure of the economy by bureaucrats went largely unopposed. Backbenchers, opposition politicians, traditional media, and the new social media, proved to be active participants in the totalitarian plan and willing parties to silence all opposition to dictatorship. And thirdly and most disappointedly, the lockstep compliance of the affected, the citizens, despite losing their right to actively support their own lives, passively they have tolerated arbitrary closure of places of employment.

The latest round of closures and restrictions in BC may well be the end of the soft part of totalitarianism. They have swung the sword that cleaves our society … over vaccine compliance. Do they have a real fear of Covid? Is sincere concern the reason they foment public panic? Or do they, like all dictators, fear independent thinking?

Anyone willing to adhere to science can see that this is no longer about health but rather divisional control of the population. The idea that the injection of an experimental medical treatment, of limited efficacy, bestows freedom only on some citizens should terrify every thinking citizen in this country. Yes, showing a vaccine passport to partake in life is akin to the yellow armbands of Nazi Germany.

How sharp is the tip of the dictatorial spear? What action will the enforcement arm of our society go along with? Will they force compliance? Pointedly and terrifyingly, is the legal system fully in tune with our misguided leadership?

Yes, I say misguided as I find it unfathomable that anyone sane could actively wish for a totalitarian state. Hence, I think in the name of safety, I see no willingness or ability to see the full context in our leadership. Instead, I see coercive evil playing out as Covidism, the bureaucratic, government political response, justified by panic for Covid, the disease.

An overwhelming number of individuals seek training in fields that are chiefly concerned with providing guidance for other people. Be it medicine, education, governance, many people learn to take a dim view of their fellow human’s intellectual capabilities. It becomes all too easy to value authoritarian expedience over enlightened persuasion when the subject of concern is considered stupid.

Those in positions of authority refuse to consider the consequences of their lockdown actions, the ancillary increasing death toll for suicide and drug use, due mainly to economic disparity in those barred from socializing and work.

They fail to acknowledge tyranny whiles welding the force of mandates for all.

In truth, I believe it is altruism run amok, a focus on your health without your input. A consideration of helping humanity without any consideration for individual human beings. Yes, ideologues are running this show and total blindness can only be found in moral ideologues, those who view correctness with no consideration for context. The self-anointed guardians of the voiceless, the zealots ready to rain a shower of bricks on any ‘voiceless’ who says anything other than,’ thank you.’

It’s easy to destroy people that one disrespects, to trample their right to live.

Today, are compliant people building cattle cars and furnaces as we speak? “Just following the orders,” being their excuse?

The fact of the matter, it IS your life, not theirs. Fight to reclaim control of your life. It is about survival … of freedom.

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