Coronavirus and Computers … the Combination that Kills.

Part 3 of Combining a Bug With a Byte

On average, life ends for some 8000 American individuals each day. It is an easy calculation to do yourself with no need to consult any expert in mortality statistics. Simply taking the average life expectancy, 82 years multiplied by 365, the days in the year, giving us the fact that each day one person in every 30,000 will die. Work out how many people live in your area and you’ll know how many obituaries to expect in your local newspaper.

And so it is, the death toll from this disease will remain buried inside a very large number. That’s not to imply that we should be indifferent to the voracious capacity Covid 19 has for stealing the closing years from many individuals. Anything we can do to mitigate that scourge would do much to temper human suffering, but what of the idea that it justifies shuttering the ability of 10’s of millions of people around the world to productively support their lives in a massive effort to reverse the concept of quarantine? Throughout history, the healthy have had to care for the sick, the sick by definition, have impaired health that if unchecked, means the end of life.

Never in history was there a time when stopping everyone’s life-support system solved any problem. If healthy people can’t function the entire society will die.

So, perspective. We are using computer-generated spreadsheets and graphs to tabulate the number of deaths from a disease induced by a new variation of an ancient virus. This particular strain of coronavirus is recognizably, a unique strain we’ve not seen in humans before. In other words, it leaves a self-identifying trail. Modern science and computer math can identify and tabulate the anticipated effect it is having on the people susceptible to its growth, a projected picture of the future if you will if that is done accurately. And therein lies the dilemma, can we be confident the information we are given is accurate? Can we trust those in authority to be certain to build their models on the full contest of reality, rather than a narrow, biased segment, designed to evoke fear?

The authorities in charge informed us, we faced a novel variant of plague, with even medical workers being infected, and the only therapy consisted of little more than comforting those infected while watching a horrific disease take its toll. The early computer projections of deaths were horrific, to say the least, proving as time has shown, the fallibility of computer programmers. As always, when garbage goes in, garbage comes out. Here you can find the Canadian government’s mortality numbers that put perspective on the mortality of Covid 19.

That we see this as a reason to panic is due to the power of statistical analysis combined with a broken health care system. Clearly, when healthy individuals, caring for the sick, succumb to the disease, catching it from their patients, there is a massive personal protective failure. Either our knowledge or the necessary personal protective equipment, is lacking. The errors appear to be a combination of both those factors.

Now, a couple of years since Covid 19 debuted on the scene the situation is direr. The authoritarian response seriously overshadows any actual harm done by the disease itself. The originally mandated lock-downs have been supplemented with mandates to take multiple doses of an experimental vaccine that at best provides a minor degree of prophylactic therapy. Violators of facemask policy often suffer fines and have even been subject to police brutality. Further, those in authority seek to label any unvaccinated individual as a social miscreant, a pariah denied access to public gatherings and employment.

The solution, in this case as well as all aspects of life, is to look beyond our emotions. A lack of proper thinking got us into this trouble. Now would be an excellent time to try some reasoning.

In today’s fantasy land, any number of people still blame ex-president Trump for every Covid problem while now those of the opposite political persuasion now demand Joe Bilden’s frail shoulders carry the load. Ask yourself objectively, what kind of world place the burden of responsibility only on one man’s shoulders? What kind of world do we live in if no one but the leader is considered responsible? A world that ironically, publicly clamours, “we are all equal” yet only one person is responsible.

Do you see, as I do, that blame heaped only on a leader, means we now hold a belief in the dictatorial power of the leader, that we willingly shirk any and all personal responsibility? Thomas Jefferson’s words, “…we are created equal…” means we all share the full range of human qualities to some degree, both the profound and the clueless.

I strive at being quick to be thoughtful, rather than being first to be thoughtless. You too should try that. It works wonders for anxiety control.

Compassion is a human virtue, but compassion without reason, action without thinking, spells death for the Samaritan. A drowning person gets no help when a non-swimmer jumps in to save her.

While we are seeking a medical solution that can give us immunity to this nasty virus, we ignore the fact that a different kind of immunity is causing our economic problem, an immunity to reason. And that characteristic is problematic in all aspects of life.

Finally, this ‘DarkHorse Podcast’ with Dr Peter McCullough is a good summation of where Covid 19 Protocol is as of the end of 2021. It discusses some past failures as well as those still ongoing, two years later.

This story continues in the post, Institutions.

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