Combining a Bug With a Byte

Words I first compiled back in March of 2020 and periodically added to ever since. Though multiple fits and starts have delayed publication, it is now my intent to finish this project over the next month or so. The fact that I’ve broken through my own despair now that criticism and opposition can be easily found is partially the motivator.

While Covid is the flavour of the fear of the day, it is noteworthy that humanity’s history is replete with previous examples of irrational public behaviour. My goal is to document why and how it takes place so readily and the true antidote to being mislead by nonsense.

To date, I have compiled some 6000 words so multiple posts will be the method I will use to document my view. I hope some will find it of value.

A couple of additional thoughts.

While I began as an enthusiastic critic of the pandemic response, the apathy I encountered soon silenced my voice just as effectively, I now know, as so very many other voices. I’ve been rattled out of my lethargy by a number of things, one being the publishing of ‘Pandemia’ by Alex Berenson. Each of us should take his closing words to heart, “I hope you know the fight is worth the trouble.”

Trying to quench an inferno with a calm voice is an exercise in futility. Know this dish-of-panic we’ve been eating from is largely heaped with virtual, eye-catching bytes. A reminder … it is your choice to eat this poison soup. “Pandemia” is the documentation of how we got here, to a stage where freedom will only be returned to us in our gravesite… unless we do something constructive to end this bureaucratic dictatorship.

And this interview moved me to action as well and it explains my viewpoint nicely, the reaction to Covid harms much more than the disease does. Mattias Desmet is worth a listen.

And finally, a quote from a Henry Fairlie book, attributed to J.Valles: “The man who says he has no political opinions confesses to one all the same. He is the collaborator and accomplice of those who hold the whip-hand, who have their hold on the motherland’s throat. It is his indifference that supports the slayers of the poor and the butchers of thought.”

Here’s hoping we all work at beating apathy, that ‘thing’ that stifles all. As the quote goes, “Their power comes from your silence.”

As so, part 1 of A Bug and a Byte.

It’s been depressingly interesting to be on the sidelines watching a world commit suicide, not having a hand in the process, not having the platform to add much to the few visible rational voices, and still … aware that we’ve entered a twilight zone where I lack the clarity of vision to accurately describe the coming future. But I do know the world has been irreversibly changed yet I’m confident the previous version held the root of today’s problems.

Change must happen in order that a better world may form. As we look around the world and evaluate various governments, it is difficult to identify any that could be considered functional. Most appear dedicated to the destruction of their own economies, their affluence and any commitment to the freedom of their citizens. Few leaders will acknowledge the part they have played in the destabilization we see today.

When the living patterns of so very many people have been so dramatically altered, when life-long habits are so drastically challenged, we are operating in an economic dark era. Truly, we have no idea of how this will work out but only by speaking up can we influence our future.

In this essay, I’m going to try to elucidate my thoughts as to how we got into an economic lockdown and what it will take to get onto a path that ensures it will never happen again. My speculation is not a short answer. The journey begins by recognizing that Covid 19 was not the beginning of our problems, seeing those common responses from the free world’s governments is our clue as to what is the real problem.

We live in a time when virtually all governments have become dysfunctional. The challenge is, as Mr Desnet says, “To respectfully convince our fellow citizens that we have a solvable problem, that the solution depends on all of us once again beginning to think.”

Continued in the post, First the Dark Subject … a teaser dose of Economics.

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