Canada day rant

The Editor:

Enthusiastic to celebrate Canada Day? Let me tell you why I am not.

In the Senate, the members are discussing Bill C-10 Which grants power to the CRTC to set rules for social media. This bill, if passed, goes so far as to extend control over email. Yes, they will have given themselves the power to read and judge your email.

In the House of Commons, your elected member is discussing Bill C-36, the Human Rights tribunal bill. It allows any offended party to lay charges on any other citizen. In other words, it matters not what you say, if someone objects, you may wind up explaining yourself in court. No cost to the accuser but without legal help, I’d be surprised if you escaped with only a small fine.

Sadly, our parliamentarians do not value your freedom. That, dear reader, causes me sorrow.

We are not fighting for freedom.

Where is the spirit of liberty that drove many Canadians to fight hellish wars and lay down their lives for freedom? Is it in the dirt, trampled by thousands of compliant feet?

Gary Seinen.

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