As that mythical ‘3 score plus 10’ is now some distance behind me, the urgency of putting my ideas to ‘pen’ can’t be denied but  I’ll refrain from cluttering this blog with some of my half-baked ideas. Non-the-less I’m probably not going to finish everything beautifully as every year there seems to be more to do … ah, such is the retired life.

I retired from industrial construction and maintenance. Mainly sawmills, pulp-mills and paper-mills have provided me with life-sustaining work for some 50 years. In that time I’ve learned how to repair virtually anything that moves, move anything that’s not where it belongs, and build pretty well anything with or without drawings or plans. I derive a great deal of pleasure in having someone point me to a few tons of steel and saying build that. I get immense satisfaction in looking at something that stands a couple of hundred feet tall, knowing I built it.

My projects now are finishing my own house and poking a sharpened keyboard where our ‘controllers’ don’t want it. You’ll find that along my road in life I’ve learned to dislike bureaucracy and relish the taste of freedom.

Some years back I began to practice writing, my intention being to offer a rational opinion when outlandish statements were made in the press. Well, since that time the press hasn’t gotten better, rather if anything, it’s far worse. I’m still expectantly waiting for reason to return to our society, though I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve not given up hope though. I personally think the philosophy of Ayn Rand, Objectivism, is the only path that will lead us back to reason. How to transition from where we are today without losing an affluent society remains the greatest challenge facing us. Far greater human flourishing is the goal and that requires a greater commitment to reason, … persuasion rather than force. And it will win … in the end.  Force is self-limiting in that it is only  destructive, of both human life and human effort. The carnage perpetrated by totalitarian states is visible to all who will look.

As Victor Hugo said, “There is no stopping an idea whose time has come.” Freedom will triumph … when there are persuasive voices to inform and convince the required number of supports to initiate that  ‘tipping point.’.

Meanwhile, because of space limitation, rejections and changing times, this blog will carry what the newspapers won’t or no longer can. I’ll try to identify if and where articles were published.

Hoping you find some things of interest here, garret seinen

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