Responding to Insults

It’s easy to see how far an absurd idea can travel.

It’s also easy to see that the proponent of an absurdity often doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to originate or sell that idea.

That in turn begs the question, who then was the originator? Who was the forceful salesman of the said idea? And, how can such a bad idea escape a logical rebutting argument that would have killed it at the source?

For it is also apparent, trying to reason with one who fails to accept reason is the equivalent of speaking to rocks, they neither need nor deserve an explanation.

And a further thought … after being insulted by a stranger for making a clarifying statement on a Facebook group page the other day, I tried thinking of an appropriate comeback, but couldn’t and just let it drop. I ignored it. It took a week, but I now know.

“Thank you for opening a window into your mind.”

No explanation, no anger, just end it. An “how dare you say that” invites clarification depending on the phrase that proceeds it. ‘You’re an idiot’ or ‘you have no right to say that’ or ‘you’re a hero for saying that’, sets the contexts for the proper response.

A single further clarification. All a person can ever say is something they have thought of, for what is speech but the concrete form of the thoughts that preceded them? Your words are a snapshot of your ideas. How another understands them and their response is a picture of their understanding. You can only clarify what they want to see clearly.

Remember the rocks.

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