Misguided Response to a Virus

This is a letter that was sent to the Prime Minister of Canada and 9 other members of political parties in both Ottawa and Victoria B.C. on April 18, 2020. As of July 11th, a response is still pending.

To all political and medical, social-engineering, central planners:

One size fits all – the bureaucratic, politically-correct answer we are being fed.

I begin with a truism: Each of us is aware, all the people we personally know are individuals, all different from each other, yet when speaking of the people we do not personally know, the people in a town, the people in a political party, the people in government or every teacher, lawyer, doctor, labourer etc. we tend to use the adjective “all” in form of a collective.

What psychological quirk or blindly accepted training causes so many people to be so wrong?

While I’ve some idea of why this is prevalent, this is not a time to philosophically ponder. I’m here today to scream at those who can’t see the forest for the trees.

This country is not a single common territory.

Canadians are not carbon copies of each other.

Intelligence is not lodged solely in the head of a bureaucrat, doctor or politician.

Humans are not ants. Each of us is a thinking individual. Assuredly, each of us has different intellectual powers, but individuals non-the-less.

That you, the people exercising control, have excluded millions of citizens in this life-altering social experiment is unforgivable. The liberties you’ve taken by stopping economic activity for millions of Canadians will cause untold hardship. It is my fond hope, voters will deal your careers a death blow. The fact that you sanctimoniously pretend to know what you are doing while robbing people of their livelihood is criminal. You deserve to be relegated to irrelevance for what you have done.

At this time not one of you can accurately describe the disease that you are trying to combat. You are grasping at straws to describe the means of contracting COVID 19, the actual infection rate, the actual immune rate, and even the very means by which human beings are being debilitated by this novel disease. Your claim of omniscience is groundless.

It truly is a travesty to claim full authority over your fellow citizens on such a flimsy lack of evidence. I could list all the things you’ve done wrong, all the areas where you have acted on emotions without any base of knowledge but that would turn this letter into an essay. An essay that you won’t consider of value as it challenges your belief in personal efficacy.

This is but my polite warning. Your indifference is forcing me, and others who feel as I do, to publicly apply as much pressure for sanity as possible. Citizens deserve, from their elected officials, thinking rather than a stupid, rigid, mind-set.

While I see this forced shutdown as a travesty, it’s also a double tragedy – some of you are sincere in the chosen goal of protecting health but simply ignorant of the unfolding consequences of economic manipulations and sadly, even most of your victims are also unaware of the danger of complying with you draconian solution of shutting the country down.

Tragically, the economic solution you offer is no less destructive that your COVID 19 solution. A printing press for dollar bills destroys rather than saves a country.

Our education system has produced entire generations of economically illiterate people. We’ve all been lulled into thinking printing money can solve all economic problems.

But past mistakes can not be undone or forgiven if they are continually repeated. They are only valuable if learned from. It is time for you, our elected leaders, to do some thinking.

Throughout the past two months, you have squandered the greatest resource available to you … the knowledge in the minds of the citizens. Your solution, that everyone park their brains while you will guide us through this crisis, fails to take into account your own ignorance of the COVID 19 virus debilitating characteristics.

And just as we can only extend life not save it, we can postpone being infected by a worldwide viral disease but we will not avoid it without an effective vaccine, most likely years away. I would hope you aren’t so delusional as to believe we can shutdown our life-support system until then.

The recent protest in Michigan is a wake-up call. Social separation was ignored. The fact that you repeat, without thought, many erroneous warnings cost you the credibility to hold public support for the things you are accurate on. The coming rebellion is of your own making.

And yet you’re doubling down on the stupidity of arbitrarily shutting down the economy. Can you not see the last bit of public trust is evaporating? You are acting indifferently to that fact. If you had all forgone a salary at the inception of this pandemic, it would have shown that you take seriously the plight you are imposing on the bottom-rung citizens, the poorest members of society. That you still see fit to impost carbon taxes and take pay raise for yourselves is both a travesty and an indication that you are manipulative rather than sincere.

It is not unnoticed that the prime minister and other members of parliament consider themselves exempt from the draconian regulation they have arbitrarily dumped on the citizens. That you make use of recreation property while locking every common citizen out of theirs is beyond evil.

While I’m sure my letter will fall on deaf ears, as you, my reader, compliant minion civil servant that you are, will faithfully carry out the orders you receive without thought. Take note, you too will be squeezed in this unforgiving economic vise that only recognizes reality.

Garret Seinen

As an additional note, Parliamentarians have now laid back in quarantine for some 4 months with no cut in salary. Needless to say, the culpability for this travesty rests squarely on the shoulder of the media personnel, who, to this day, find awarding accolades to our political leaders more palatable than offering even the smallest criticism.

That our politicians exercised the power to shut down the economy means that they will automatically also fully control reopening our economy. Free enterprise is fully in jeopardy. Now is the time to raise a voice of protest.

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