Financial Mess

Is there anyone other than the currency manipulators and the government, that really believes that making more bad loans is the answer to the problem? I think even most economically ignorant people are just hoping the government can accomplish what they say they are trying to do. But are they really trying to fix the system or just patch up something that broke many years ago?

They are not trying to bring honesty back into a corrupt currency system. There is no cry to stop the fiat currency scheme and return to a hard currency. They are simply trying to ‘paper’ over the problem. The dollar,  at 2 cents relative to 1910, has not got that far to go yet printing ever more money simple removes more value from the money.

The old USSR and other ‘socialist utopias’ held together as long as they did because there was a good deal of residual capitalism in the west to help prop them up. When we lose the last of our economic freedom there will be no one to prop us up. Sub-Sahara Africa provides an example of how desperate our lives can become if the trend is not reversed. When will we match Zimbabwe?

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