on Molecules and Such

Since the 1970’s, it’s become ever more popular to condemn humans for disturbing nature. It started with the belief that resources are being rapidly depleted, and future generations won’t have the standard of living we were enjoying today. The is refuted by the fact our earth is a sphere of resources some 8,000 miles thick…into which we’ve only poked a few sporadic holes.  Further, all that has ever been mined and extracted with the exception of a few pound sent to space, is still on the earth and available for reuse any time we find a better use for it. 

Another lie the doomsayers want us to believe, the amount of industrial pollution our affluent society generates is making the water undrinkable and the air unbreathable.  Now, when most industrial pollutants are no longer going out of the effluent pipes we’re told the elixir of plant life, CO2, is distorting the air’s ability to re-radiate solar heat from the earth and ‘well-done’ as in cooked is the best way to describe our future. Given that atmospheric CO2 has risen by 40% over the last 100 years and the fearful ‘warmers’ claim that a degree of temperature rise will bring globally catastrophe, their argument proves to carry little heat.

Keep also in mind, without CO2 all life on earth would end.

But just to be sure nothing is being missed or that somehow you failed to be convinced by the previous scary projections, animal rights activists say cuddly creatures we share the earth with, the squirrels, bears, and bugs are being trampled by mankind’s carbon footprint and need protection.

It’s said the root of the problem is, our disrespectful treatment of nature, our willful determination to continually modify the world we’re born into.  We must learn to live with nature we’re told and not modify it at every chance we have. We have the ‘Garden of Eden’ lobby group, the unthinking social engineers, to thank for many of our restrictions. These people are blind to innumerable benefits man-made goods bestow on us. They invariably use the products generated by our industrial society while condemning that very society. Yes, while feeding off the bounty a modern, industrial society places on the table, they demand a halt to industry. But even more, pointedly, they want to deny you the right to modify nature in support of your life.

And that got me thinking about life in general and the modifications of nature needed to sustain that life because  each living thing needs to act stay alive. That action in turn, involves taking in sustenance from the adjacent environment.

Consider a tree, its roots firmly planted in the earth, and a trunk supporting the green leafy foliage some distance up in the surrounding air. The roots take in water and minerals, the warming rays of the sun heat the leaves and through evaporation that mineral mix is drawn up the trunk. The chlorophyll in the leaves draw in CO2, then chemically alter that mineral mix, expelling oxygen and send the modified minerals, now process-able nutrients, to all its living cells to add to the growth of that tree.  That tree is altering the molecular mix in its vicinity. It transforms the minerals and water and the carbon dioxide and rearranges those molecules into the building blocks, the cells that make a tree.

The same can be said of a beetle that lands on that tree, bores a hole and burrow under the bark into the sap layer, then lays eggs and dies. The grubs from the hatched eggs, chew their way into adulthood at the expense of the tree, processing the trees molecular structures into a life sustaining mix of their own, for their own growth. And the wood peckers that eat those grubs, drink water and breath air modify those molecules in their bodies and eject the waste.

All living things take in some group of molecules, rearrange them and discard those having no use in sustaining their particular life. So the question then becomes, what about man? Why is the rearranging of molecules by man condemned by some other men? If every living entity on this earth grabs the molecules near them, processes those molecules  and rejects the ones they find superfluous, why is man condemned for doing the same thing?

Well, the problem is that a lot of people are taught how to write eloquent prose, but not how to think. Thinking being the art of non-contradictory evaluation, there is a very tight constraint on truth, a constraint utterly ignored by so very many people.

More elaboration to come – on the idea that all of us live by modifying molecules, some on the microscopic and others on the macroscopic.

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