Troubling thoughts about Covid 19

While the fact that people are dying from a new strain of SARS-like disease is tragic, the fact that virtually the entire world has given up on thinking, is even more troubling.

How do I know it is not only my imagination? I don’t anymore. The other day I was dozing and my mind told me, it’s all a dream, a nightmare. Reality doesn’t provide such a monumental alteration of how individual people act.

Then I shook my head, focuses again, and remember the book I’m reading as I write, ‘The Madness of Crowds’, written in the 1800s.

When presented in just the appropriate manner, an idea that totally lacks knowledge, that is truly incredible, can sweep through a nation and … in this case the world. The cacophony of panic is virtually impermeable to reason.

More later, but I now only want to add a link to a rational voice that’s been discounted, and judging from the comment posted, vilified as well, by the vast majority of people.

That so very few thinking individuals are seeing the current situation as clearly as these authors is troubling. Where will end? Can we end the panic?

Can no one appreciate that if we, as a society, curtail all human productive activity, letting a medical cadre operating in the dark, blindly focused on a disease over which the have no means to control, determine what is or is not essential work … civilization is in trouble.

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