How Weather is Created

Long ago every living person knew the sun rises in the morning and at the end of the day, it sets. That cycle repeats every day but the sun also moves sideways. In the winter it’s low in the sky and in the summer it’s higher and … and it’s hotter.

We know too, sometimes it rains, or snows or it’s windy. That’s weather and it changes.

Now we know, because the experts tell us, we’re destroying the natural cycle of the weather. By driving our car, mainly SUV’s around, we’re making the weather change. That sixteen year old expert told us that. “How dare you?” she cries out.

Someone told that 16 year old a story. Guru Greta sounds sincere and seems to believe that story, but how about you? There is another story and it goes like this.

First, you need to know, there is no sunrise or sunset. If you know what I mean, thank you, and, here’s the rest of the story.

Our earth is a dynamic place. It’s a rotating, axial-tilted, spheroid that orbits an energy source, our sun, That solar fire radiates enough energy to warm the earth as it does. Because the earth rotates and is tilted, the earth’s heating from the sun is not uniform across our entire surface, varying both each day and over the entire year.

Short and simple … there’s a rather hot, moving solar-heated zone, traveling over the earth’s surface, heating our atmosphere, generating moving, local, hot spots. Hot air rises and cooler air flows into the lower pressure areas. Water gets picked up by the moving air. The rest is the weather story we see on the evening news.

A Google search for the Milankovitch cycles, link below, will give a full scientific explanation of the earth’s relationship to our sun.

In space nothing stands still, everything including the earth, sun, the solar system, and the galaxy all move. It’s a fascinatingly-complex, dynamic yet stable system. Our earth having been on this path for some 4.5 billion years.

We know the winter temperature swings, the changes from night to day are but modest while the summer differences in temperature changes are orders of magnitude greater in the northern hemisphere where we live. Over the course of a year, the temperatures here swing from minus Celsius to plus 35 degree.

I welcome you to find the panicky 1 degree of global warming noise amongst those massive, seasonal, temperature swings. In other words, know the fear of climate change is in your head and has little to do with endangering life. Someone put the fear in your head. You’re the one who’s choosing to leave it there. Watch your wallet being emptied if you’d rather not think.

It is our atmosphere that gives us weather. As the face of the earth rotates through the solar fire, the energy flow is erratic varying with a number of factors, including the reflectivity of the surface at that point and the cloud cover that limits the energy reaching that particular point. Air currents are generated as hot air rises with cooler air flowing into the maintain equal pressure over the earth. Yes, the dynamics of our weather system is a function of many energy forces interacting in diverse ways, many that we’re still not fully capable of predicting.

Following the idea that differences in earthly event having some control on weather as well, volcanic smoke, ash, and dust are contributors, as is snow cover and forest fires to mention a few. The human activity of agriculture and logging are also factor affecting reflectivity or absorption of solar energy on a local basis. But far to many wise scientists are still claim the jury is still out on the actual role of carbon dioxide as a temperature controlling gas.

Relation to the sun.
Every aspect of life on earth is related to the sun. It is of course, the energy source that actually makes all life possible. It is the energy source that makes our diverse climatic conditions, that makes how we each live life, so distinctly different depending on where we ‘hang our hat’ on the surface of the earth.

Making sense of the many factors that cause the broad variation in the energy relationship between the earth and the sun is worthwhile if we’re trying to make sense of the earth’s climate, particularly if we seek to challenge the hysterical claims made by purveyors of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

It’s on the shoulders of Mulutin Milankovitch that this entire discussion rests. This Serbian genius “dedicated his career to developing a mathematical theory of climate based on the seasonal and latitudinal variations in solar radiation received by the earth.” His theory “states that as the Earth travels through space around the sun, cyclical variations in three elements of Earth-sun geometry combine to produce variations in the amount of solar energy that reaches Earth:
1. Variations in the orbital distance between sun and earth.
2. Changes as the tilt of the earth varies on the plane of the orbit.
3. Precession or the variations over time in the tilt of the earth.

A fuller explanation can be found at:

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