Where we went wrong

In Hernando  de Soto’s book, ‘the Mystery of Capital’, he discusses the means America used to establish property rights in both  the raw frontier and the California gold rush claims.  He makes the case that individuals operating outside the legal system, his term, the extralegals, adopted rules of conduct and claim settlement measures that were […]


Altruism, the moral code that places need as the standard for entitlement , has a devastating effect on the very people it is intended to help.  As a believer in free will, I can see that need has a self-fulfilling characteristic.  If a person wants to, by their own actions they can place themselves in […]


Our ‘division of labour ‘ society has delinked a greet number of people from reality.  From the tenured university professor who can say any outrageous thing to students ,  the assembly line worker pushing the green button for go and the red for stop to the clerk in the office doing bulk data entry, most […]

Jobs, Work and Effort

Have you heard the catchy slogan “unemployment is not working”? That sentence is usually followed by, “We demand more jobs”. The two statements taken together, show clearly the ignorance associated with the meaning of the term “jobs”. And from the high level of unemployment in Canada we can deduce that few people really understand what […]


Truth: As human beings, the most significant problem we face today is the same problem all of our ancestors have faced throughout history – how can we be certain a particular thing is true or false. How can we know when we’re being misled? Each of us, as individuals, must be able to see what […]