Demonizing CO2

The Editor:

It remains a hallmark of green proponents to discredit dissenters rather than to address the real questions raised by the dissenter. I will make no attempt to address Dan Schubart’s unsubstantiated claims of ‘big tobacco’ bias. It is up to him to provide support for those smears.

The objection that  ‘earth’s temperature are still increasing’, ignores the fact that even the IPCC’s own Mojib Latif, makes the statement that we may be in for some twenty or thirty years of cooling.  From the BBC’s Paul Hudson, “For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.
That is, of course, why the term ‘climate change’ has been highjacked to replace the now unsupportable, ‘global warming’.
Peak oil is a non issue in a number of ways. There are a multitude of maps to show just how many place the greens have been able to halt oil exploration, the BC coast being our own best example. If we add the tar sand, shale oil, coal and methane hydrates from the ocean floor, we have too many centuries of hydro carbon fuel to support any panic.
Further, we should all be concerned with having the ability to travel from place to place but only the oil companies should be worried that oil may not be the fuel we use for power in the future. In that respect, the list of available energy sources is virtually endless.
It is only by demonizing carbon dioxide that government control of the driving force of our society can be imposed, and that is what we all need to understand clearly. Labelling CO2 a pollutant is the unscientific mark of a hater of human development. Without CO2, life on this plant would end.
Those of you who denounce industry, denounce development and seek to reduce man’s ‘footprint’ on this earth, fail to consider that, here, where we have chosen to modify our environment beneficially for ourselves, that investment routinely pays a dividend of more than eighty years of life. Stop blindly evading the fact that black Africa, where development is either quashed or misdirected by interfering, despotic governments, a bleak life often ends before reaching forty.

The folks who wish for more government control, fail to consider what full control brings. Individual life is dramatically cheapened under every collectivist system. We are not far from having one level of government or another involved in all our decisions already but granting them full control over every drop of energy we use, will spell the end of freedom and affluence. I worth remembering the words of Barry Goldwater, “A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away”.
From where I stand,  I can see hell and it’s not red and hot – it is green and frigid. Read Steve Milloy’s “Green Hell”.
Gary Seinen

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