Copenhagen Climate Treaty Rally

The Editor:

At this time I have no idea of how successful the ‘International day of Climate Action’ event that took place this Saturday was but my hope is that it flopped. That rally is symptomatic of the new “green religion” – unthinking adulation for a new level of government control of our lives.

The activists of the environmental movement fully endorse the proposed treaty that the UN’s Copenhagen climate meeting is seeking to ratify and holding this rally is a move to gather support. Will this treaty be beneficial or detrimental for us, as Canadians and as individuals?

From Terence Corcoran of the National Post, “….the Copenhagen agreement…..suggests the focus is as much on redistribution as on carbon reduction, with no guarantee that any of it will have the slightest impact on carbon emissions or the global climate”. See his October 19th article and find out who will benefit at your expense.

There are many misguided, dedicated people who believe they are working to save the plant from heat stroke and in turn, our civilization from extinction. The activists have done a though job of selling catastrophe. Both our David Suzuki and global warming guru James Hansen, passionately calls for the jailing of political leaders and company CEOs  who oppose their views on global warming.

Meanwhile, Al Gore and the rest of the activist class are not willing to have a scientific discussion, saying the issue is far too serious and global warming so far advanced, there is no time to stop and talk about things, we need immediate action, actions that call for a halt on your supply of energy.

Spread panic is the activist answer – panic leading to thoughtless behaviour, something that will cost us dearly because they are wrong, rather obvious when we look at the linkage between CO2 and earth’s temperate without using the biased eyes of the shrill activist.

You need to understand the magnitude of the sellout signing this treaty will deliver to every citizen of the free world.

The goal is to empty our wallets – made possible by emptying our minds.

Gary Seinen

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