Climategate Revealed

The Editor:

The avalanche is no longer stoppable. The Copenhagen treaty has been publicly exposed for what it is, a monumental new level of taxation /welfare scheme with opportunistic leeches draped all over it. Notably, the citizens of Australian can truly take pride in their politicians. A number of them resigned, rather than go along with their leader and the culpable leader is out. The newly formed group rejecting the proposed emission trading scheme.

There, the strong public back-lash made the issue unevadable, The reality of how little popularity the bill had with the public brought change. One courageous individual who argued stridently against the scam, and someone listened. The old leader’s support for the ETS was based on helping the banks fund wind energy with taxpayer’s money. It fell apart in the cold light of open debate.

So that brings us to Canada. What have you done for yourself and your children? Have you written our political leaders demanding sanity? Have you bothered to check what has been clearly stated for some month now, that in Copenhagen next week, the developed world would be called upon to knuckle under to the UN lobby and pay, that the plan called for channeling your effort to reward a group of opportunistic businesses and their activists friends?

If not, you should ask yourself, why you are so willing to drape chains of servitude on your own and your children’s shoulders. That the people who have left their minds out of this discussion support the global warming and welfare transfers to third world despotic regimes , is no reason to blindly follow along. We are all faced with the one elementary choice in life – to think or not to think.

The publication of ‘climategate’ has uncovered deceit by a small group of ‘green’ activists not living up to their scientific credentials. That however misses the main story of, why were so many people willing to go along for the ride, without bothering to check where the ride would end. Why is the media, with far more tools at their disposal than I have, not able to see what I have seen for years? Why is there such a glaring level of irresponsibility?

Gary Seinen

This thought as an addition,

The label whistle-blower has been hung on the shoulders of the person responsible for providing access to the CRU file now called ‘climategate’. It contains emails and data, data that was ordered to be made public, as, a ‘freedom of information act’ mandates publicly funded information must be publicly accessible. The emails of course, contain messages showing why the data was not made available – it was tampered with. I’d say the there’s a better term for the person who brought that information into the public sphere;  HERO come to mind.

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