Depleting Resources?

The Editor:

I was disappointed by the October 26th editorial. You deign it appropriate to end with two unsubstantiated paragraphs making claims of impending doom. That we are running out of resources and our society’s energy use is destroying this planet simply perpetuates the two entrenched misconception. I ask, what has happened to that tenant of good journalism, of striving to seek and thereby, spread truth?

Your condemnation of greed or self-interest, condemns the very human attribute that brought us from the cave. It has always been the human being not satisfied with life as it is, striving for something better, who brought about improvements. The enjoyment of life is a laudable goal and modifying nature to achieve that goal is our right. Read ‘the Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand to see mankind’s proper role in using nature to sustain human life.

Your claim that we are running out of resources was made in 1972 when the Club of Rome published ‘The Limit to Growth’ largely following the lead of  Matthus’s 1798,  ‘An Essay on the Principle of population’. All of that rhetoric was disproven in 1975 by the work of the late Julian Simon, in ‘The Ultimate Resource’.

It is time to view the world through your own eyes, not those borrowed from the likes Paul Erlich. We are cruising through space on an 8000 mile thick ball of resources. To this date we’ve poked a few, small holes in it.

Your entire argument of impending ecological doom is based on CO2 driving the temperature through the roof, again something you’ve accepted as true but seem unwilling to verify. The glitzy computer models used by the IPCC is all the evidence that’s been offered, and that lie has been repeated again and again by too many unthinking people.

The report by the Heartland Institute the NIPCC report ‘Climate Change Reconsidered’ is only one of many places that fully unravels the monumental scam the ‘human induced global warming movement’ is perpetrating on a naive public.

Given the education system, I’m not surprised you’ve for falling for the lie, but only by striving to report rather than blindly repeat will you ever see what is true. Your audience, the public, relies on you to do better.

To lose a mind is a tragedy, giving it up willfully is far worse.

Gary Seinen

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