what is next, for Facebook page “no Copenhagean treaty”?

Thoughts …….A common goal brought us to this site, to try forestalling what we all see as a devastating climate agreement, the Copenhagen treaty to control CO2 and transfer wealth from those who produce it to those who are exploiting a lie.

The bitterness and back-biting from whatever comes out of this treaty conference will go on for some time after but there is another round of talks coming up in Mexico City next year, most likely to firmly commit the plunder to international law at that time. Some 190 countries and any number of NGOs are trying to get welfare funds, basically from two countries, Canada and the USA with a smattering of European nations thrown in.

A failed treaty will produce some loud wailing, as these manipulators see their expected cash cow take wings. For those of you who’ve been following closely, it should now be very obvious how strong the opponents are. The ‘Climate Change Industry’ is a massive lobby group. Worldwide they are funded to the tune of 30 odd billion dollars or more. In truth, some of the money does buys research and most of the manipulation seems to be taking place in data reconstruction as well as the final IPCC reports generated. The bad players are among the most highly maleducated people we will ever encounter. Many believe passionately in their cause and have no scruples as to what tactics they’ll use to advance that cause, propaganda campaigns to scare 10 year olds being only one. It is my belief the foot soldiers, the followers, fully believe the earth is about to come apart if we continue to burn fossil fuels.

That is why the leading activists are so zealous in this fight.Yet strident arguments lacking reason remain unconvincing.  I remain as convinced as ever, they are wrong and the catastrophe they claim is descending on us, is nothing more than a figment of a slick, sick computer program. The world will not become uninhabitable because of our use of energy. The climate has changed many times in the past and carbon dioxide does not cause climate change. If anything, increased CO2 will force you to mow your lawn more frequently.

The apocalyptic global warming fraud is unique in that a significant part of our society has renounced our human legacy. That legacy – of man using and modifying nature to provide a better life for man, is renounced in the name of saving the earth, from mankind. It has been sold because we don’t really look at the world around us to get an idea of what the world is like. Instead we watch and believe, well-tailored, televised warnings of impending climate catastrophes brought on by man’s very actions that support human life.   The shrill ‘man-induced global warming’ acolytes are determined to bring a halt to our right to take the actions necessary to support our lives.

That is what this fight is all about. They have morally elevated a perceived benevolent natural world over mankind’s developed world.The fight is not going to be won by an economic argument, for it is the moral right to support our lives in the only way possible, that is being vilified as being evil.

That said, what is next? I live in a small community where there are a number of vocal environmentalist, proselytizing to bring in converts. In the past, at times, I’ve left it alone, choosing peace and quiet over confrontation, only writing the odd letter to the editor in protest. That I will no longer do. I will become more forceful and my political representative will know me by name. I expect they many not be happy to hear from me, but the country belongs to me as much as the activists. Laying down is not an option.

And I would like to see a continuation of this site, under a new name if you will. A place to leave our thoughts,  a clearing house of ideas, so that like minded people won’t feel so alone and a place to pickup ‘ammunition’ to carry the fight on.


END NOTE: As of mid 2016 little has changed and the fight for climate sanity goes on. And the site is still active.

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