Truth: As human beings, the most significant problem we face today is the same problem all of our ancestors have faced throughout history – how can we be certain a particular thing is true or false. How can we know when we’re being misled? Each of us, as individuals, must be able to see what […]

Disappearing Fish

Open letter to the Sierra Legal Defense Fund: Thank you for bringing to my attention the Department of Fisheries and Oceans study that claims to prove silt is at the root of the disappearing salmon problem and that in particular, logging road construction produces the silt that is causing the devastation experienced by the fishing […]

Financial Mess

Is there anyone other than the currency manipulators and the government, that really believes that making more bad loans is the answer to the problem? I think even the most economically ignorant people are just hoping the government can accomplish what they say they are trying to do. But are they really trying to fix […]

on Molecules and Such

Since the 1970s, it’s become ever more popular to condemn humans for disturbing nature. It started with the belief that resources are being rapidly depleted, and future generations won’t have the standard of living we were enjoying today. This is refuted by the fact our earth is a sphere of potential resources some 8,000 miles […]